The Houseplants Wiki (HPW), as a community, requires some guidelines to ensure it works smoothly without frictions. All of them are prety much good common sense, but I will still list them here, so you don't say you didn't know!


Every single rule of the site falls into respect. We can never stress enough how important it is to respect everyone, be it the other posters or the admins or even other people on other websites or authors.

Respect the other people on the wiki

This one should be self-explanatory. Do not call people names, respect the other HPWers and their work. Everyone contributes to the best of their knowledge and no one deserves to be called this or that, no matter the reason. If a discussion with someone heats up, either take a few days off to cool down and resume the talks when you are less emotive, either ask for an admin to come and moderate the dfiscussion. We want no flaming and disrespect here, and anyone found guilty of either is eligible to a more or less long ban, depending on the gravity of the offences.

Respect the work of others and their intellectual property

Many people around the world have invested a fair deal of efforts into writing books, guides and websites about houseplants and gardening in general. Their work should not be copied and pasted here under no circumstances. You may cite short passages, but you would need to specify your source. This wiki intends to be a new creation, therefore, those setting it up shall come up with their own texts by themselves. You certainly can use info gathered from other sources, but please don't wholly copy those sources here. Likewise, please refrain from copying whole articles from Wikipedia and pasting them here. Indeed, with their licence, it is technically allowed, but it is frowned upon here. Those who wrote the article on Wikipedia spent much time writing it, it isn't quite fair to them to grab it and copy it here in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, respect copyrights by not copying other people's texts, as I just said, but also by not uploading copyrighted pictures to this Wiki. The unauthorized use of copyrighted pictures can result in pretty annoying and pointless legal disputes, which we have absolutely no intention of going into. So - please do not upload any picture you find on the internet, unless it comes from a website with a free distribution licence, such as Wikipedia. We however strongly encourage our members to take pictures of their own plants to illustrate this encyclopedia.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.